The Transfiguration Window in Durham Cathedral

Above: the Transfiguration Window in the South Quire Aisle.

Current Projects

The Friends of Durham Cathedral were founded to provide financial support to the Cathedral for projects it otherwise could not afford. Some of these projects are described in History, from the restoration of the Feretory screen in the 1930s to the Transfiguration Window in 2010.

Since the funding of the Transfiguration Window, the Friends have contributed substantial sums both for the creation of the new Cathedral Shop and for a three-year project to re-vitalise the surrounding Riverbanks and Woodlands.

The Friends have been among the leading donors supporting the Cathedral’s major Open Treasure project, which has now transformed the Monks’ Dormitory and adjacent areas into world-class exhibition space to display the Cathedral’s treasures.  In particular, this support included funding for the display of St Cuthbert’s wooden coffin, one of the Cathedral’s greatest possessions, which is the centrepiece of the new Treasures of St Cuthbert exhibition in the refurbished Great Kitchen.

The Friends are currently focusing their support on major and essential restoration works being undertaken by the Cathedral Chapter, including the central Tower, the exterior of the North Porch, and the Cloister roof.    

If you would like to help support these projects and help secure the Cathedral’s future for generations to come, why not join the Friends?